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Ladislau Dowbor

Ladislau Dowbor, graduated in political economy from the University of Lausanne, Suiça; PhD in Economics from the Central School of Planning and Statistics from the University of Warsaw, Poland (1976). At present he is a full professor of the post-graduate program at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, in economics and management. He continues to do consulting work for different organizations such as the United Nations, governments and municipalities, in addition to agencies from the Brazilian Sistema "S" (Sebrae e outros). He is currently a board member of Instituto Polis, IDEC, Paulo Freire Institute, Conselho da Cidade de São Paulo and several other organizations. Author and co-author of about 40 books, and numerous articles. Including "Formação do Terceiro Mundo", 15 editions; "O que é capital?" 10 editions; "Aspects economômicos da Educação", Ática, 2 editions; "Introdução ao Planejamento Municipal". His book "Formação do Capitalismo no Brasil", was published in different countries. In the past years, he was worked in the development of decentralized management systems, specially with municipal governments, involving management information systems, municipal policies for employment, at-risk children and environmental management. Recently, his research revolves around the dynamics of the national and international financial system. From this research some books have already been published "Os estranhos caminhos do dinheiro" (FPA, 2013), "O pão nosso de cada dia: os procesos produtivos no Brasil" (FPA, 2015) and "Juros extorsivos no Brasil: como o brasileiro perdeu o poder de compra ", (Ethics, 2016).