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Global Meeting of Solidarity Development Banks

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of September we are organizing the Solidarity 2018 meeting, a global meeting for solidarity development banks. The objective of the event is to exchange experiences, tools and learning between the various models of Solidarity Development Banks and social technologies developed by several countries to generate economic development with social inclusion in low income territories. In addition, we want to ensure a commitment by the public and private sectors to support the Community Development Banks in Brazil as a strategy for the socioeconomic, financial and banking inclusion of thousands of Brazilians. We are expecting an audience of 5,000 people for the 3 day Meeting. We will have participants from 15 countries, among public administrators, academics and university students, organizations and social movements, companies, social entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and representatives of the 114 Community Development Banks of Brazil.



Solidarity economy

Presentation of different economic activities - of production, distribution, consumption, savings and credit at the local level - with an approach towards self-governance

Economic Democracy

Exploring emerging issues in rural and urban regions, debates on the deepening of democracy in society and the connection between economic justice and democracy

Solidarity Finance

Community Development Banks, Credit Cooperatives and Solidarity Funds

Technologies for construction of alternatives

Distributed and decentralized networks, the digital community bank, blockchain, fintechs, social and digital currencies and other decentralization technologies

Ecosystems of social innovation

Space for social entrepreneurship, cooperatives, start ups, collectives.

Investment for the generation and distribution of wealth in the peripheries

Going beyond microcredit, impact investment, solidarity funds etc.

Speakers Confirmed

Speakers Confirmed

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Centro de

Solidários. 4 to 6 September 2018


Av. Washington Soares, 999 - Edson Queiroz, Fortaleza - CE, 60811-341

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